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FREE - UX Research Reference Sheet 

Start learning about your users today with user research.

Gain valuable insights into your users' behaviors, needs, and preferences. Download our free UX Research Reference Sheet to get started and improve your product or service today.

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Develop user-centered products and experiences with the steps below.

  1. Identify user needs and pain points 

  2. Guide product decisions to align with user expectations

  3. Reduce development costs by preventing rework and ensuring successful product launches

  4. Improve usability and overall user satisfaction

Discover how user research reveals behaviors, needs, and motivations.

Brittney Posternock

Brittney Posternock

UX/CX Strategist 

As a UX Strategist, I'm sharing these free templates with you to support your UX design journey. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding of user research best practices and inspire innovative ideas in the UX design community.



  • General Assembly

  • Florida International University

  • Tamkeen - Bahrain

Public Sector

  • The World Bank

  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease 

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


  • Under Armor - Amsterdam 

  • SoulCycle


  • ICF Next 

  • Motivf

Incorporating best practices for user research.

As a UX Design Strategist, I've created a free template incorporating best practices for user research to better understand end-user behaviors, needs, and motivations. This simple yet effective template can serve as a solid foundation for a wide range of UX projects.

User Reseach Testimonial
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